How to maximize leads conversion, customer retention and customer relationship management.


One Click FX is a set of professional tools for MT4 and MT5 that guides and assists traders in all trading styles and an excellent marketing tool aimed at the retail segment.

Let your business grow

Our products are your competitive advantage in the retail segment, which allows you to penetrate the market using a completely new selling point and which represents a tangible element of differentiation for the end customer.


We put at your disposal an excellent marketing tool with which you can increase the interaction with your investors by reducing the efforts and expenses necessary to involve them and keep them active. With a single product you will be able in a short time to increase your customer base, implementing lead generation and conversions, to retain active customers, and to increase capitalization. All this without wasting your time in a competition on the negotiation costs offered which is not only anachronistic by now, but does not even positively reflect on market shares.


In the current context, in which traders have become much more attentive and more demanding than a few years ago, the only key that allows you to penetrate the market is the differentiation of your product / service.

The same tools commonly offered by most brokers have now lost their original effectiveness in implementing your business, because they are already old tools, now known and, above all, they are standardized. Offering the same tools that your competitors also offer will not make you stand out, on the contrary, it will make you perceive by investors as "one of many".


Our products represent an absolute innovation in the panorama of online trading and, with a very negligible fixed cost, they will immediately grow your business, because they will show your investors that you really take care of them and that you promote the culture of trading.


Our tools offer solutions suitable for different degrees of difficulty, from the basic to the intermediate level, to the advanced level. The indicators are simple and intuitive, fully customizable and organized into ready-to-use profiles that can be easily used even by the most inexperienced traders. In addition, they include all the training your investors need to deal with markets competently, helping them to become more aware and profitable.


Finally, complete training and online technical support will allow your investors to negotiate independently and your sales to work better.


MQL Suite works only on real accounts, therefore you can increase conversions and capitalization, in just 3 simple steps:


Give a trial to your contact and convert them into real customers.

Choose the most appropriate minimum deposit to ask to your customers.

Take advantage of the tool's appeal to ask your customers to re-establish their accounts.

How can MQL Suite help your investors?

Our tools help traders to become more aware and profitable.

The trader who uses the MQL Suite tools obtains several advantages:

- Training integrated directly into the Metatrader platform.

- Fast navigation on the Metatrader platform as on the more expensive professional platforms.

- Elimination of unnecessary waste of time thanks to the automated analysis of the market context.

- Better risk control thanks to the automatic identification of the most important support and resistance levels and the automatic multi-time frame analysis.

How TO PROPOSE ONE CLICK FX TO your investors?

MQL Suite helps you build a relationship of trust with your investors and represents a win-win solution for both:

your customers: they will be grateful to you because you have made available to them a tool that helps them keep their accounts.


One Click FX learns to trade in the correct way, negotiating on the best levels and keeping emotion under control

One Click FX eliminates downtime and allows you to never miss good trading opportunities again

How TO PROPOSE ONE CLICK FX TO your investors?

The broker or the salt must always highlight the possibility of providing traders with professional tools.

Professional tools are provided only to customers who fulfill the request for a minimum deposit.


By paying the minimum amount requested, the customer

can take advantage of all the benefits contained within the offer for free: training, tools and assistance.

New customer (demo / real conversion): MQL Suite is your competitive advantage in acquiring new customers because you offer a set of professional tools that help the trader in his operations.


MQL Suite helps you increase your capitalization.

and strengthens the relationship with your investors.

Activations of some partners

The partners who proposed our tools to their tools have seen their turnover grow already during the first months of collaboration.
The chart below shows the trend of conversions and active licenses of some partners over the past three years.
Broker 2 and broker 3 did little publicity for the products and activated little more than 100 licenses.
Broker 1, on the other hand, is very active and constantly adheres to all our initiatives. In May we also organized a free course for investors using our tools. In 3 years of collaboration, broker 1 has activated almost 400 licenses.
For all brokers, the number of licenses still active is proportionally very high.
The graph clearly shows that traders like the MQL Suite product and is an excellent marketing tool for the broker. The level of customer loyalty is very high, unlike the traditional CPA plan: almost all customers who activated the MQL Suite license with our partners are still active.